How Does This Indoor Fitness Boot Camp For Women Get You To Lose Weight, Flatten Your Tummy And Firm Your Butt Without Crazy Diets And Endless Hours In The Gym?

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  • Trouble spots that are only getting worse.
  • Not fitting into your skinny jeans.
  • Impossible diets that make you miserable.
  • Fat hormones making you put on extra weight.
  • Boring and ineffective workout routines.
  • Feeling exhausted all the time.
  • Never having enough time to take care of yourself.

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Mitch LeeFrom Mitch Lee,
Fit Figure Bootcamp
Scarsdale, New York - Westchester County

Dear soon-to-be fit friend,

I know the devastating effects that being out of shape and unhappy with your body has on your life.

But it’s not what you think…I was one of the fortunate few that never had to worry about my weight.

But my younger sister Jennifer was not that fortunate…For years, Jennifer was overweight and unhappy with her figure, and like most women, her battle with body image overwhelmed her and as a consequence, many areas of her life suffered.

She was so desperate she tried everything…she slaved away on the treadmill for hours, tried fad diets, fat loss pills, ab gadgets and gizmos and even home fitness DVD’s.

She really did try it all but nothing seemed to work for her…and when she FINALLY asked for help, I was shocked to find so much misinformation and so many outright lies out there.

Long story short, I combined everything that I learned and created the MOST EFFECTIVE, FUN, TIME-EFFICIENT way to get a lean, toned and attractive body.

I called it my “Ultimate Fitness Formula”, and did it work for my sister?

You bet it did!... She lost 47 pounds and went from a size 16 to a size 5. She went from an out of shape 172 lbs. to a fit and toned 125 lbs.

It worked for her and it’s going to work for YOU!


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“Clare Lost 50 lbs!”

“Laura Has More Energy Than Ever!”

“Lorraine Dropped 6 Dress Sizes!”

“Her Clothes Fit Much Better!”

“They Feel Lighter and Tighter!”

“Christie is Down One Pant Size in 2 Weeks!”

“They Are Lovin' Their Results So Far!”

“Dayna is Toning Up Fast!”

“She Lost 5 lbs. of Fat and Dropped a Dress Size!”

“Alyssa Lost 2 Dress Sizes!”

“Victoria Feels Awesome All Day Long!”

“They Love Boot Camp and See Changes!”

“They See Arm Tone and Feel at Home!”

“Rachel Lost 15 lbs. and Over 6 Inches!”

“Stephanie Bought a Size ZERO!”

“The Fun Factor Got Nancy Down 2 Sizes!”

“Alina Was Addicted After Day 1...”

“Martha Doesn't Feel Sluggish Anymore”

“She Feels Every Muscle Being Worked!”

“Adina Lost Weight and Feels The Support at FFBC!”

“Debbie Sees The Difference In Her Thighs and Tummy!”

“She says "FFBC is Out of This World Fun"...”

“Her Tummy is Flatter and Her Energy Has Skyrocketted!”

“Allegra Lost a Dress Size Fast!”

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StopThis is one of those moments where there's a fork in the road and you can go one of two ways…


1 - You can click away from this site and continue living with a body you're uncomfortable with. You can stick with the same old workout routine and eat the same way you are right now and never change (although chances are the problem will get worse as the weeks, months and years add up.) If this is your decision, then I want to wish you well and hope that someday you'll be ready to claim the body that is waiting for you.


2 - Click any one of the yellow buttons above and fill out the required form so we can call you and get you one step closer to a fit, toned and attractive body you can be proud of. I think it's about time you put yourself first again don't you? Just imagine how you'll feel a few short weeks from now if you just trust your instincts.


YOU know YOU better than anyone.
I trust you'll make the right decision.

Deeply Dedicated To Your Fitness Goals,
Mitch Lee
Mitch Lee
Fit Figure Boot Camp
(800) 310 -8552

Be The Next Success Story!

P.S. Don’t let the next 6 months be the same as the last 6 months. Do something about it and take action today.

Mitch LeeP.P.S. Remember, your success is totally guaranteed. For the next 30 days, follow my program and if you don’t feel lighter and tighter, I’ll give you a refund – NO HASSELS and NO HARD FEELINGS. Fair enough?

P.P.P.S. No matter what disappointments you’ve experienced in the past, this is the only fitness and fat loss transformation boot camp in town that’s going to work permanently as you can see from all the success stories of your neighbors and friends.

P.P.P.P.S. Here’s the reality: 30 days from now you’ll either be one month older and most likely a few pounds heavier, or you can be 6-12 pounds lighter and a few steps closer to the body you want and deserve. You have everything to gain and nothing to lose except unwanted pounds of fat!

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